Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Wallpaper Had It Coming Chart

Here is a simplified chart for the wallpaper seen in the BBC series Sherlock. It is just a chart for you to adapt to whatever project you like--there are no instructions for a specific project.

This image has many repeats of the chart, and you can save it to your computer and edit it to suit the size/dimensions of your project. When viewed on the computer you should be able to zoom in without the lines becoming blurry.

This image is a 12 stitch by 36 row tile, if you prefer to work with that.

You could also crop your own 12 x 36 tile from the larger image, starting at a different location in the overall design, if it suits your project better

For visual balance when knitting a flat piece, I recommend that you cast on a multiple of 12 stitches + 1 (for example, 13, 25, 37) rather than a multiple of 12.

I haven’t printed either chart, so if there are any issues, please let me know and I will try to fix them.

I hope you enjoy knitting and perhaps painting smiley faces and shooting holes in this!

This was my swatch:

I haven't done anything more with this chart, but check out other people's projects on Ravelry!